Hillcrest Nursing Center wants you to choose us when your loved one needs a little extra attention and love. Here are a few reasons why choosing Hillcrest would be the best decision for your loved one:

Lovely Surroundings—We have beautiful and modern facilities equipped to handle every need that your loved one has. Easy access to rooms, bright and airy settings, and tasteful decorations will brighten anyone’s day once you come inside and see what we have to offer.

Courteous Staff—Our staff is well-trained, considerate, and knowledgeable about medical needs. We want to help your loved one in any way that we can.

Great Cuisine—We have fresh and well-cooked meals ready for your loved one. We want to ensure his or her stay is a pleasant one, including the food.

Please contact us if you have specific questions or concerns. We want to help both the patient and the family feel that Hillcrest Nursing Center is the best decision in nursing services of Lake County, IL they have made.