Some of our specialties are daily activities and weekly outings. We are constantly having fun here with our varied activities. We want to make sure that the routine never gets too boring, so new fun ideas are always welcome!

Some of our activities include:

Games—We have a wide variety of games, including board games and party games that many people can become involved in. Games help you exercise your brain and interact with us while having loads of fun! If you have a favorite, please let us know so we can put it on the schedule.

Movies—From classics to new hits, our movie collection is always expanding so you aren’t watching the same old movies over again. If there are any movies that you love that we seem to be missing, let us know so you can enjoy your favorites.

Entertainment—We sometimes have special guests and performances by locals. They will provide anything from comedy routines to sing-alongs.

Weekly Outings—We are not that far from major shopping and entertainment centers, and once a week, we will take whoever wants to go to these modern and fashionable centers so they can get out, breathe some outdoor air, and see the sights.

We live to serve at Hillcrest Nursing Center. We are located in Lake County, IL and provide the best nursing services and home around.